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and improve communication with students


Connect with your school in order to receive all the relevant information and measure your progress. Minimum 14 years.

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Contact with your school in order to receive all the relevant information and progress of your child.

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Designed by professionals
for schools and coaches

Use our huge database to create your own teaching system.


Gamyplan is designed to operate your school, your professionals agenda, and to improve the relationship with your students.

Games Library

With more than one thousand documents and games that you can use to create personalized teaching systems



Gamyplan helps to create better and personal relations between golf schools, teachers and students. Thanks to its userfriendly way of work.


Create assessments, reports, stations, sessions, improvement and training programs is a very quick and simple task thanks to Gamyplan.

Evaluations, reports and training plans.

It allows schools and golf coaches to optimize their time when conducting assessments or lessons reports.

Save time at planning your classes

. To creat a good Plan for your Golf School, takes many hours of hard work. But with Gamyplan, through the use of all the tools and databases it turns into a quick and easy process.



"Jesus is one of the best coaches in the world and combines his unique knowledge of the game and coaching with his artistic talent, to create a simple learning method that benefits everyone who knows him"
Dave Phillips
Cofundador de Titleist Performance Instititue
"Jesus has a great ability to connect with children; his personality, his way to interact with them and the design of the materials and his platform are unique"
Glen Cundari
Director de PGA Canada
"Jesus legacy is that programs designed by him will manage to contribute to the growth of the game, something we all aspire to. "
Denis McDade
PGA Australia & TPI Advisory Board

Optimize time and maximize your school's performance

To create the right plan for classes and activities takes many hours of work but with Gamyplan it is a quick and simple process.

Evaluations and Training Plans

When you are teaching your class you will analyze the performance of your student and then, you will be able to follow up and evaluate. You can create programs based on the databases of our platform and you can plan your training lessons in a very easy way amateur players to understand.


Reports and tracking

With Gamyplan you will be able to control activities at your school and your private lessons.
Having good communication and the proper monitoring of the agenda, are two important aspects in order to create the best atmosphera and relations with your students.

Connect with your school or teacher
to improve your performance.

You will be able to use our huge tool data base to improve your game with fun and motivating activities

For your children

Gamyplan is designed for parents who don't play golf but who want to know the progress of their children.

Learning throught challenges

Contains a games librery, exercises and activities designed for you to understand clearly what you have to do and how to do it.


Connect with your Coach

Gamyplan will help you to have a better coaching relationship with your teacher thanks its simple way to communicate.


Download your evaluations, reports, stations, sessions, improvements and training programs directly on your device


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